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Establishing A Strong Foundation For Growth

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The approach is simple...

Building A Foundaion


Whether you’re seeking a new career direction, Interview preparation, Financial coaching or a resume refresh, we can help. Throughout my career as an Athletic coach, Bodybuilder and Semi Professional Football player, I know how a solid foundation will get you to the next level. My approach is building a strong foundation for success. We do this by identifying key strengths and accomplishments while assessing your personality type and career interests.

Develop A Strategy for Success


IF you do not plan to succeed, you plan to fail. After review of your work history, education, problem areas, skills, values, and motivations. Together we will develop a detailed step by step plan to help you reach you goal. We will explore the newest trends in the market and techniques in the Industry today.

Financial Coaching

Once you land the job! knowing what to do with your paychecks is very important. Just as jobs and careers will change over time, your financial situation can change as well. Having a good foundation on how to prepare a budget, prioritize expenses and understanding loans will help handle the unexpected situations life can present both personally and professionally.  My goal is not to give you investment, retirement or financial advice. That is the role of financial planner. What I will do, is show you how to start off your career in the best financial position.   



What are your fees?

 your out-of-pocket expense for our work together will likely be between $60.00 and $175.00. There are individual sessions ranging from $25 to $75.   You do not have to pay the full amount up front.  I take checks and all major credit cards.

When are your appointments?

I see clients during the business day between 7am to 8:00 am and 6:30 pm to 9:00pm.  Weekend hours Sat 9am to 1pm Sun 10am to 2pm 

Are your appointments in-person or by phone?

I can do appointments in-person, Skype or by phone, but I often do a combination.  I’m flexible, so you can decide what works best for you.

What is the typical number of sessions?


The number of sessions varies, but clients are with me for between 3 to 6 sessions. Duration is 30 minutes, but some sessions can go over time. At no extra cost to client.

Why does it cost so much?

Career counseling is an investment.  It is a good investment if you are ready to devote the time, attention and effort to achieve your career goals.

The investment often pays off in tangible ways:

· Higher salaries:  Many clients who work with me re-enter the job market with higher  salaries.

· Shorter Job Searches:  Being out of work  costs money.  Designing and implementing an  efficient job search can often reduce the number of weeks spent looking for a job, which  translates into more money coming in sooner.

It’s harder to place a dollar figure on some of the other gains, such as:

· the end of the Sunday Night Blues,

· a greater sense of purpose,

· a job that you look forward to,

· less burn-out and more energy for your life outside of work,

· work that your children see you enjoying,

· the reduction or cessation of stress-related health issues.

Is there a required minimum number of sessions?

There is no minimum number of sessions.


This type of career work does take time. If you hope to resolve your career issues in two or three sessions, that’s often not a realistic expectation.  You’ll actually get more out of the process if you plan on a minimum of six to eight sessions.  We sometimes finish in fewer than 8 sessions, but there is no way to know that until we get started on our work together.



Jeffrey Sattlewood, FL

Darrell was very helpful. I was out of the job market for a while. I gained valuable knowledge and learned some new techniques. I more confident hitting job market..Thank you again 

Ken, FL

 I asked Darrell to review my resume and he gave me some good advice. He showed me how to highlight my skills better on my resume.  



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Own My Succes llc- Career Coaching - Tampa, Fl

Let Me Introduce Myself

Darrell Williams, CPCC


If you are reading this, Don’t stop now! You are now taking the first step to accomplishing your career goals

I will be the one Motivating, Encouraging and Advising every step of the way. A little bit about me. 

20 plus years of Leadership and Hiring Management experience. Area of focus in the Retail, Healthcare and Retail Banking Industry with  Fortune 500 companies. 

Formerly VP of Education and VP of membership for local chapter of ToastMasters International LLc.

Certified Career Coach and member of the International Association of Professional Career Coaches 

10+ years as a Certified Personal Trainer and Motivator to hundreds of clients.

Successfully Trained, Coached and Interviewed over 1000+ graduate students entering the Allied Healthcare field. 

B.S Degree in Economics from University of Delaware.

And Finally, what I believe trumps all the above is my 30+ years of Life Experience in the workforce and as an Entrepreneur!

What I will do is Educate, Empower and Equip you with the tools to be successful in reaching their career goal. Whether you are changing careers, improve interview skills or new to the job market, my proven strategy will get you back to the basics that will allow you to effectively own your success now and in the future. 

To be successful you must first have a Positive mind set. With everyone, I provide the motivation you will need to engage your career discussions with complete confidence. As a Personal Trainer and Competitive bodybuilder, I know personally the benefits of a healthy body and mind. To reach any goal you need confidence in oneself as well as the motivation and desire to go get it!

I have a no nonsense approach, I am not here to tell you what to do. Together, you will come up will a personal blueprint, so I do require participation during our sessions. When it comes to looking for a New job or Changing Careers, Time is the Enemy. My job is to get you into the job or career you desire as fast as possible. 

You don’t know me YET, but I do guarantee I will give you 100% of my Attention, Knowledge and Encouragement to help you succeed.  

Contact Me For More Information

Own My Success Career Coaching

Tampa, FL 33617

(813) 458-0553

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